Research Focus

Intercultural agency represents the starting point of all our research endeavours. It concentrates mainly upon application-oriented questions that are developed and processed in an interdisciplinary discourse. Our research questions determine the methodological approach and we retain wide-ranging expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

Currently, our research questions concentrate upon the following areas:

  • Intercultural Human Factors Research: How does interculturality become safe and feasible interaction?
  • Intercultural Competence: Can one possibly describe such a construct? Is intercultural competence measurable? How can intercultural competence be developed within specific organisational contexts?
  • Intercultural Knowledge Management and Web 2.0: How can shared media be used to improve international cooperation and to reduce problems of reintegration? How may processes of knowledge management acquire a dynamic of their own? How can promoters be identified and supported within communication and knowledge networks?
  • Theories of Culture and Interculturality: How can multidimensional concepts of culture, which go beyond thinking within the narrow boundaries of national culture, be realized within the conceptualisation of intercultural competency development? How “fuzzy” may one think of the term? Do concepts of “diversity” differ from those of “cultural differences” and if yes, how?
  • The Internet as a medium for intercultural learning: How is it possible to develop learning scenarios via electronic media in which interculturality is not only a subject of study, but also created and initiated by and among the participants? How can intercultural learning be realised via “mobile learning”? How culturally specific are scenarios of web 2.0?