Bachelor’s Programme in “Intercultural Studies and Business Administration“ (Interkulturelle Wirtschaftskommunikation)

This minor subject, designed in an explicitly interdisciplinary manner and to provide students with an introductory core orientation within the field of Intercultural Studies and Business Administration, is realised with the cooperation of the Philosophy Faculty and the Economics and Business Administration Faculty at the University of Jena. Thus, a major subject will be complemented by an application-oriented element designed with an international professional orientation. The minor subject’s aim is the communication of a sense of understanding concerning the chances and problems of cultural interaction and interculturality in an international business context, the acquisition of basic knowledge regarding business and international management, as well as the ability to successful organise intercultural and multilingual occupational fields within, chiefly but indeed not solely, a business context. The course of study is limited to 160 new students a year, beginning in the winter semester.
Student advisor: Prof. Dr. Stefan Strohschneider.