Master’s Programme “Intercultural Personnel Development and Communications Management” (Interkulturelle Personnalentwicklung und Kommunikationsmanagement)

The master’s programme is explicitly research-oriented and builds upon the minor Bachelor’s subject “Intercultural Studies and Business Administration” or a similar interculturally oriented initial degree. The course’s goals are the communication of theoretical and practical knowledge concerning the tasks of intercultural personnel development, the acquisition of theoretical and application-oriented knowledge in the field of intercultural organisational communication, as well as the acquiring of the ability of independent realisation concerning either intercultural personnel development measures or of intercultural communication measures with regard to a certain target culture that may be chosen freely. Admission to the course is given after a specifically assembled commission examines all applicants. For further information, please consult the current study regulations. The application deadline is Mai 31st.
Student advisor: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bolten