Center for Applied Developmental Science

Conferences & Workshops

The Center for Applied Developmental Science sets about developing a series of five related international conferences. The aim is to gather scientific knowledge on how to promote positive youth development. The conference on „Positive Development: Linking Individuals, Communities and Social Policies“ in 2004 will be the start followed by conferences over the next years covering diverse topics:

This series aims to promote key issues of applied developmental science. Utilizing a contextualist, biopsychosocial model of human development, ways need to be designed, implemented, and evaluated that prevent maladjustment by fostering, among other things, developmental assets. Helping to develop productive young people requires coalitions between the young, communities, and the political realm. The conferences aim to bridge the gap between basic research and application on positive development within the community. The focus will be on prevention of maladjustment through fostering assets and strengths in young people. After the first conference that deals with the interplay of the individual, community, and social policy, the following conferences treat other topics with implications for research and application, such as the importance of personal agency, inclusion vs. exclusion between ethnic groups and generations, program development and evaluation. The role of current social and politic changes and their implications for social policies will be covered through all topics.

11th International Institute on Developmental Science: October 03-05, 2008 in Dornburg (Thuringia), Germany

International Workshop on Human Development and Social Change: Concepts and Results: July 16-17, 2008 in Würzburg, Germany

International Fall School on Migration: October 08-14, 2007 in Luckenwalde (close to Berlin)

Interdisciplinary Workshop on Developmental Regulation across the Life Span: December 02, 2006 in Jena (Thuringia)

International Symposium on Adaptation of Diaspora Immigrants: November 23-25, 2006 in Jena (Thuringia)

International Workshop on Biographic Transitions of Immigrants: November 22-23, 2006 in Jena (Thuringia)

Expert Workshop on Agency, Development, and Social Change: June 04-06, 2005 in Jena (Thuringia)

International Conference: October 09-12, 2004 in Weimar (Thuringia)