Center for Applied Developmental Science

Nelecom – Evaluation of the community-based project New Learning Cultures in Communities

Project Team: Rainer K. Silbereisen, Karina Weichold, Anett Brambosch, Undine Swoboda

Nelecom is a community-based project of the Thuringian Ministry of Education in cooperation with the German Foundation for Children and Adolescents (DKJS) aiming at: (1) promotion of the positive development of children and adolescents (social-emotional competence, participation, and responsibility for issues in their communities), (2) the encouragement of expansion, support, and advancement of a learning culture based on regional identity, individual promotion, and appreciated relationships, and (3) the connection of kindergartens and schools with partners and other responsible persons of all generations, institutions, organizations, and initiatives within the community.
To accomplish these aims, different program elements will be implemented in four selected pilot-communities under involvement of important key figures and network partners over the course of the following two years.