Center for Applied Developmental Science

SCHuuuB! – Evaluation of an Intervention Program for Fostering the School-to-Work Transition

Project Team: Rainer K. Silbereisen, Anja Blumenthal, Martin Tomasik

Due to recent social changes labor market has changed profoundly. Overall, the labor market has become more insecure and unpredicatable thereby challenging individuals’ self-regulative competencies and resources to adaptively cope with these demands. Especially, the situation of adolescents and young adults being at the beginning of their career has become more demanding and there is evidence that youths may be not sufficiently prepared for the school to work transition. Current activities aiming at facilitating the labor market entry such as job application training, procurement of internships, and career counseling largely neglect enhancing individual’s self-regulative capacity needed to deal with challenges in an active and effective manner. Aiming at closing this gap, the program SCHuuuB! was developed and is currently optimized. The next step is to evaluate the optimized program with a sample of about 400 students in Thuringia.