Center for Applied Developmental Science

Peter Titzmann

Date of birth



Diploma in Psychology, University of Greifswald (1993-1999)
Doctoral degree, University of Jena (2005)

Professional experiences

Visiting Scholar, University of York (1999-2000)

Research Associate, University of Jena (2000-2012)

Associate Professor, Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development, University of Zurich since 2012)

Work focus

development in childhood and adolescence, immigration and acculturation, cross-cultural developmental psychology, social relationships in adolescence, delinquency, cross-cultural and quantitative research methods

Choice of publications

  • Titzmann, P. F. (2012). Growing up too soon? parentification among immigrant and native youth in Germany. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 41, 880-893.
  • Titzmann, P. F. & Silbereisen, R. K. (2012). Acculturation or development? Autonomy expectations among ethnic German immigrant adolescents and their native German age-mates. Child Development, 83, 1640-1654.
  • Titzmann, P. F., Silbereisen, R. K. & Mesch, G. S. (2012). Change in friendship homophily: A German Israeli comparison of adolescent immigrants. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 43, 410-428.
  • Titzmann, P. F., Silbereisen, R. K., Mesch, G. & Schmitt-Rodermund, E. (2011). Migration-specific hassles among adolescent immigrants from the former Soviet Union in Germany and Israel. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 42, 779-796.
  • Titzmann, P. F., Raabe, T. & Silbereisen, R. K. (2008). Risk and protective factors for delinquency among male adolescent immigrants at different stages of the acculturation process. International Journal of Psychology, 43, 19-31.
Curriculum vitae (PDF)