„The effectiveness of psychosocial and educational programs for preventing or compensating the negative consequences in the development of children and adolescents caused by poverty and migration. A multinational meta-analysis.“

Funded by Federal Ministry of Education and Research



Not just since the PISA-studies, there are considerable evidences that children and adolescents with migration or low social economic background are at higher risk for deficits in cognitive, academic, and social development. To ensure equal opportunities and participation, it is necessary to counteract this risk preventively and compensatorily. Different attempts were made for reaching this goal and some were already evaluated. The project PrAMi intends to integrate these findings meta-analytically.

To be included in this meta-analysis an evaluation study has to fulfill the following inclusion criteria:


1. Program content and aim: Evaluate the effectiveness of a psychosocial or educational program (independent variable in the study), that aims at preventing negative psychosocial or educational consequences of migration background or low socioeconomic status, respectively.

2. Population: Focus on a non-clinical population of up to 18 years of age that either predominantly (at least 50%) consists of participants with migration background (at least one parent was born in another country) or of people with a low socioeconomic background (70%).

3. Study Design: Random assignment of participants to intervention and control group (in case of cluster randomization at least 5 clusters have to be assigned to each group).

4. Sample Size: Examine a sample of N = 25 for each group (intervention and control).



If you have any questions contact:

focus poverty:       sabrina.maichrowitz@uni-jena.de
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Principal investigator:                  Prof. Dr. Andreas Beelmann

Research associates:                   Dipl.-Psych. Sabrina Maichrowitz, Dipl.-Psych. Sebastian Schulz

PhD student:                               Dipl.-Psych. Louisa Arnold
Student research assistants:       Bianca Heilmann, Sandra Renas, Angelika Schulz,
                                                   Elena Stasewitsch
Master thesis:                              Katrin Konold


This project was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research under grant number 01JC1105. The responsibility for the content of this publication lies with the authors.

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