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„The effectiveness of psychosocial and educational programs for preventing or compensating

the negative consequences in the development of children and adolescents caused by poverty and migration. A multinational meta-analysis.“

Funded by Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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„Programm zur Förderung von Akzeptanz, Respekt, Toleranz und sozialer   Kompetenz“

Dipl.-Psych. Michael Saur, Dipl.-Psych. Petra Ziegler, Dipl.-Psych. Diana Schulze

Leitung: Prof. Dr. Andreas Beelmann

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EntwicklungsFörderung in Familien: Eltern– und Kinder-Training“

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Department of Research Synthesis,

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Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena

Institute of Psychology

Department of Research Synthesis, Intervention and Evaluation

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