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Department of Social Psychology


Teaching activities

The teaching activities of the basic course component ('Grundstudium') deal with the general area of social psychology. The introductory course offers a two-semester overview of the objectives, fields of study, theories and methods of social psychology, as well as providing examples at the level of empirical or experimental research. Essential topics of the introductory course and its seminars are processes of social cognition, affective and cognitive determinants of the perception and explanation of social reality, the development and change of social attitudes, areas of interpersonal interaction such as pro-social or aggressive behavior, aspects of social influence in groups such as conformity and deviation, and the nature of relations between groups, for instance, conflict or co-operation.

The activities in the advanced course ('Hauptstudium') aim to introduce students to theoretical and empirical approaches to the understanding of intergroup relations regarding their influence on human behavior, thereby promoting knowledge and competence in the realm of intervention in conflicts between social groups. Topics include constructive and destructive relations, co-operation and conflict, discrimination and tolerance, self-esteem and identity, and the perception of justice in the regulation of social behavior.

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